#137 Chris Dayley MASTERCLASS: Conversion Rate Optimisation

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This may well be the most advanced - and important - lesson on building your business long-term that's ever been covered on this show. 

Chris Dayley, VP of Site Testing for Disruptive Advertising and a ridiculouslysmart marketer, joins us for a masterclass on Conversion Rate Optimisation. 

Your ability to turn visitors to your website, Landing Pages and Sales Pages into email subscribers and customers is a major determining factor in the growth of your business. 

If you're twice as effective at conversion, you can double your email list, customer base, your profit and therefore your business without doing ANY extra work - so this is important to learn. 

Grab a pen and some paper - this is a writer-downer and an episode you DEFINITELY should revisit whenever you're building Landing Pages to grow your email database. 

We covered:

- TRAFFIC AND CONVERSION: If these are the two primary functions of marketing, what the heck do they mean?

- User Experience: Why amount of ‘trouble’ that someone has with using your website is a key factor you must first search for, and overcome

- Psychology and Marketing: What happens when these two different science worlds meet to build businesses

- What can happen to your audience if you try to use educated, ‘fancy’ health or medical words online? Can this work really well, or is it a huge mistake?

- The story about Air BnB (One of the most important lessons in direct-response marketing you’ll hear)

- Has conversion optimisation become hugely more important in 2019 with the current landscape of the internet and attention?

- What you can learn about conversion from the largest e-commerce business in the world

- Client Case Study from Disruptive Advertising: Understanding the “Why” behind your marketing strategy and the psychology and strategy of a Landing Page or Sales Page

- Your Thank-You Page: Best practices for this crucial page in your email list-building strategy

- Math, data and analytics: Why knowing your REAL numbers is key to growing your email list and making more sales (and is surprisingly much simpler than you might think)

- How many people need to actually visit or convert on your website for us to KNOW if we’re increasing conversion rates?

- Why conversion rate optimisation must be viewed from the perspective of “Where are my web page visitors actually coming from?”

- A/B Testing Deep Dive: The three phases of testing your website conversion optimisation…

- Part One: EXISTENCE (try removing some content on your page to see if the audience likes it better)…

Which stuff should you start eliminating and testing first?

- Part Two: Refine Value Proposition (what are you actually promising with your offer? Should it change?)

Also… What the heck is a value proposition and how do you find out what these are for you?

- How quickly can we declare one web page a ‘winner’ compared to another one?

- What sorts of tools do you need to do A/B Testing?

- Phase Three: EXPLORE (Adding new elements to your landing page – and when it’s appropriate to do this)

You can (and really should) get Chris' A/B Testing Starter Guide here.

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