#135 You’ll Probably Overachieve If You Don’t Overthink

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It is IMPOSSIBLE to over-think and overachieve at the same damn time, right?

Can you ever perform at your highest level, produce your greatest work and concentrate on creating a business if your mind is always running with self-doubt, concern or second-guessing yourself?

Surely not - so if you ever find yourself 

if you ever find yourself doing stuff, trying to work and be productive yet thinking hey…

Is this right? Am I on the correct path here? Is this the highest and best use of my time, or is there something else that I should be doing with these hours I’ve dedicated that might be more effective…

In other words, if you're an OVERTHINKER, here's how to move to being an overachiever:

1. Stop - everything, right now - and get a plan

2. Acknowledge that EVERYTHING you do is practice for the future until you're amazing at it

3. Back your decisions and never consider alternatives once you've made up your mind

4 Don't train yourself to procrastinate, think or deliberate... Train yourself to work

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