#134 Sara Fennell - Tools For Mastering High Performance

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This is a marketing show - but your ability to produce, work and get things done will EXPONENTIALLY increase any results you might get from the biz/marketing tactics, principles or strategies you learn in other episodes. 

Sara Fennell, business coach and marketing strategist for fit pros - and host of a very, VERY good podcast called The Fulfilment Project, joins me today to discuss some key tools in this area. 

First of all, you're going to hear an incredible story of overcoming and exactly what life *can* look like if our ability to perform at a higher level is non-existent. 

We're covering:

- What is high performance? Does this involve MORE than just being super productive and focused all the time?

- How Sara ‘accidentally’ started doing online fitness coaching and training – and replaced her ‘normal job’ income within 30 days launching her website…

- (and went on to become one of the best in the business!)

- What does the OPPOSITE of high performance look like? The incredible story of what happens before Sara’s “Low Point” of her life

- If your close inner circle ISN’T full of people as obsessed with high performance as you – and if you are the average of the five people you spend the most time around… What the heck do you do?

- Are ALL high performers generally great at giving up their need for instant gratification – and how do we do that?

- How do we plan out our weeks to get the most amount of ‘stuff’ done possible and STILL have plenty of time for our non-work lives?

- The importance of self-awareness for improving your capacity to perform at an extraordinary level

- Does your intimate relationship have a significant impact on how well you can produce and work, or should we ‘silo’ our personal and professional lives?

- How do we stay in control of our emotions so that our days run smoothly rather than experiencing emotional ups and downs?

- Do high performers spend a lot of time ‘getting ready’ to do their work?

- Sara’s NLP coach – what can we learn about high-performance from this area of psychology?

- How do we go about rewriting negative thought patterns that might exist in our minds that prevent us from working and performing at a higher level?

- Do you actually NEED to be a morning person as a prerequisite to being a high-performer?

- Sara’s homework for you!

NEWS: Are you a fitness professional? 

If so, I HIGHLY recommend you head over look at Sara's upcoming Canadian Fitness Business Summit, which she is co-hosting with Joe Arko. 

There's a LOT of really good speakers - almost makes me wish I was still a fit pro so I could go along - and tickets are, until January 31st, VERY affordable. 

It's going down April 13th & 14th in Mississauga, Ontario. Grab your tickets - I suspect it'll be ridiculously good!

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