#132 Karen Pattock – Webinar Masterclass & Email List-Building 101

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There are two things that were probably responsible for 60+% of the revenue I made in my health business:

My email list, and webinars. 

Good news - today on the show we have an expert in both - AND a business coach for wellness experts, Karen Pattock of The Wellness Business Podcast. 

Whether you're planning on doing webinars right now - or sometime in the future - this episode is a real note-taker. 

Webinars can be complex beasts, and if you're anything like me and Karen, when you first start there's going to be a LOT of stuff that you don't know which has a great impact on the success of your live class. 

Grab a pen and paper - you'll need it - this is high-value content at its finest. 

If I could only choose to do one kind of campaign for the rest of my marketing life, it'd be webinars. Make sure you take good notes, because there's nothing like a good webinar that converts. 

We covered:

- What led Karen to becoming an international business coach specifically for health and wellness coaches

- Email list building: Is it MORE important nowadays than it has ever been before?

- What content are you supposed to put in your Lead Magnet? (Bigger ALWAYS means better, right?)

- Does the name of your Lead Magnet matter at all?
(The 2 words that are infinitely more likely to get a response from your potential email subscribers)

- The Golden Response (Reminder: this is when people see something of yours and think “That’s SPECIFICALLY for people just like me!”) for Lead Magnets – how to massively increase the speed your list grows

- Your Landing Page: is a low-tech approach here more effective than going fancy?

- The Great Crime of Direct Response Marketing: Building a mailing list of people who don’t care about your emails (and how to avoid it)

- Is the relationship you have with an email subscriber the deepest relationship you can have with any kind of follower to your business?

- Webinars: How Karen got started in hosting these monthly – and what it did for her health business

- How to make the hard decision to plan out, show up for and host a live webinar

- Tech dramas and webinars – this is DEFINITELY going to happen to you, so how do you deal with them when they happen?

- The importance of using stories to built trust, rapport and relatability with your webinar subscribers

- THE PITCH: Why you’ve absolutely got to avoid the impulse to rush through this, and why it’s actually better for your audience if you take MORE time

- The WORST thing that your webinar content can do to a webinar registrant

- What’s the ideal length of teaching for a webinar?

- What’s the maximum amount of content that you should include per slide on a webinar?

- Housekeeping rules: How to encourage maximum engagement throughout your webinar

- Webinar follow-up and making sure that your business goals are met by practicing positive projection on behalf of your audience

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