#131 Four Expert Secrets For Beginner Marketers

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Are you new-ish to the game of marketing an online health business? Been around for less than a few years?

Well, things can appear SUPER overwhelming and weird when you're working on your own strategy...

And watching and modelling how other people who have years of experience are running their businesses. 

Here's four Expert Secrets about digital marketing that nobody kinda ever really talks about, that you MIGHT learn with experience, but should really know about now so you can be more successful:

1. Stop Thinking Like A Marketer

(Think about compounding valuable assets instead)

2. Results In Advance Raises Desire

(Which is why every big marketing campaign is always built around some kind of educational training as a precursor to 'the pitch')

3. Follow A Framework...

For everything. Ain't nothing harder - or, worse, more time-consuming - than trying to write or create from a blank page. Do this instead. 

4. No Absolutely Never Means No - Almost. 

If you think that people not taking the action you want them to means they're saying "No" to your marketing...

You'd be surprised if you could peek behind the scenes of a successful online thought leader's business - because you'd see people saying "No, no, no, no, no, no, no... YES!" all the damn time. 

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