#129 Sean Croxton – Become A Money Master in 2019

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Have you set yourself a financial goal for this year?

Chances are you have - and (if you're anything like me), you're aware of the fact that you've done that in the past and not succeeded. 

What the heck is going on here? Sean Croxton of The Quote Of The Day Show and creator of Money Mind Academy is here to give us the scoop...

Because it's one thing to know all the tactics, strategies and 'how-to' stuff when it comes to achieving goals - but another entirely to have the right beliefs and values behind them.

Self-sabotage, expecting to fail (and not doing any work to avoid that failure), low self-esteem, lack of confidence and other negative patterns can derail any of us. 

We must address them. 

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In today's monster episode, we're covering:

- Why the heck is Sean so interested in money and money mindset?

- How do you know if you’ve got a really solid mindset and set of beliefs and values around money?

- What role does conflict – internally and psychologically – do to our ability to achieve our money goals?

- Self-esteem: How closely does this tie to the abundance you’ll experience externally?

- Is having positive expectancy and believing that what you’re doing in your business will actually worksignificant to your results, or is that woo-woo stuff?

- Identifying where your values lie – and what to do if building wealth and making money isn’t a high priority in your life

- Self-awareness and getting clarity on your real beliefs around wealth, sales and marketing

- Do you ACTUALLY pick up mental programming from your parents, and can that impact the quality of your life?

- How significant culture is for your pursuits to become a successful person

- Remember Maslow and his Hierarchy of Needs? Yeah – you need to know about this when you’re trying to change your habits around money, business and wealth…

- And a real-life story of how Sean has transcended struggles in business by raising self-esteem and understanding these Hierarchy of Needs

- How to protect your newfound money mind beliefs and values from people who are more negative or not in alignment with your level of development

- The Fear Flow: Sean goes deep in what is probably one of the most significant lessons in psychology I’ve ever heard

- What’s the difference between striving to be the happiest person in the world, or being the wealthiest person in the world?

- Should we believe that old advice that money wont make you happy?

- Is money in business – making sales, getting customers, earning a great profit – really a zero-sum game or are we meant to let it flow to and through us a LOT?

- Having compassion for yourself (and the people in your audience): why this is one of the most empowering emotions a businessperson can maintain

- A conversation about how to get lucky in business


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