#127 Damion Lupo – Reinventing Your Career

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A topic that's not meant for the timid!

Could any other word better describe the transition from building a 1:1 practice working with clients to a big and successful online empire?

REINVENTION is the topic of today's show with Damion Lupo, author of Reinvented Life...

And reinvention is a challenging, yet incredibly powerful, transformation that we all must go through to take our lives and results to the next level...

(Yep, that is doubly true for the audience, followers and customers of a wellness expert!)

We spoke about:

- What does it really mean to reinvent yourself – and why does this matter if you’re trying to find a new way to serve the world with your health expertise?

- Damion’s story about how he reinvented himself from being an over-consumer (which is MASSIVELY similar to the journey that most people on a health journey will need to walk too!)

- Asking hard questions: Is this the key to self-awareness and changing our beliefs, habits and careers?

- What really triggers us to attempt to reinvent our lives and why it’s so important to become emotionally attached to it!

- The REAL reason why self-confidence and certainty around the success of what we’re building in business matters so deeply

- How to be a great leader and empower YOUR audience with certainty and confidence to deliver results for them…

- And why the level of responsibility you take for your own life matters to how you’re perceived by others

- Why it’s more important to focus on mastery as a metric than success or revenue (ESPECIALLY the revenue!), customers, social media following or email subscribers

- Leveraging the ‘consequences’ of our actions to make the process of building a business more pleasurable and bring more flow & ease to our day-to-day activities

- Journaling: Why this matters to much to our ability to be intentional with our work, our habits and what we need to do to fulfil our values

- Trigger events: Why certain nudges from the universe that cause us pain or inner turmoil MUST be listened to (and how to know when you’re on the right path with your business)

- Damion’s homework to help your evolution and growth in 2019, and to become hugely successful!

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