#125 Kathleen LeGrys - What Every Facebook Group Needs To Be Successful

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Honesty Disclaimer: You don't NEED to have a Facebook Group...

But in 2019 you must be doing something to get attention and build relationships with your audience - and Facebook Groups are a brilliant way to do that...

They just work - so let's investigate. 

This week on the show we're joined by Kathleen LeGrys, cohost of The Wellness Business Podcast and host of the Health Coach Biz Support FB Group. 

We're diving deep to find out what YOUR Facebook Group needs in order to become successful...

And how to run one without burning yourself out or spending hours of time there doing stuff that doesn't help your business (or your followers). 

We're covering:

- What led Kathleen from working 1:1 with nutrition clients to creating a program that would get results for everyone who needed her help

- Who legitimately NEEDS to have a Facebook group…

- And if that’s NOT you, what the heck else can you doing to go all-in to build relationships with people in your community?

- Why is a Facebook group better than a Facebook Page if you’re going to be posting a lot of content to that platform…

- And what are Facebook’s intentions for how they want people to use their platform – does this affect your strategy?

- Should your group be closed, private or public?

- What is the “Theme” of your Group meant to be based around?

- When it’s ok to NOT be a natural leader and run a Facebook Group

- Why the growth of your Group is dependant upon the clarity of how well you communicate the BENEFITS of being a member

- Does Kathleen approve *everyone* who applies to join her group? (Wanna bet?)

- The right kinds of questions to put in front of people who apply for your group to keep engagement high (and that helps out your content marketing too!)

- The RIGHT sort of content to put in front of new members straight away to encourage higher engagement and enthusiasm about being a part of your group

- How a FB Group growth strategy should tie in to a list-building strategy

- Kathleen’s content posting schedule for her Health Coach Peer Support group

- A bunch of ideas to increase engagement in your group (and why this call to action to ENGAGE has to start for new members as soon as they join)

- What do you do if you’ve just created a new group and nobody is engaging with you?

- How a Facebook Group can be leveraged to ascend members into customers or as part of a promotion (and what ‘overkill’ looks like when you’re selling in your group)…

- And how promoting through a Facebook Group is different from the way you promote with email

- Kathleen’s 2019 homework for you!


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