#124 What EVERYBODY Ought To Know About Selling (In A Cool Way)

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Yep - we're talking about selling. 

Here's what everybody ought to know about this topic...

There's a few things that you can do - and a few mindsets that can infect us - that make this process tremendously uncool for the buyer and the seller. 

I love talking about this topic - and the reason why is simple:

You won't really get your head around how great it is to sell a bunch of stuff - products, coaching services, courses, whatever - until you've done it. 

Until you know how sweet it can be to make a bunch of money in a short period of time, not have everyone hate you for having something for sale...

And get some emails from customers who were super happy with the experience and results you got them...

You won't fully understand just how good selling a bunch of stuff is. 

So with that full disclaimer, let's talk about how to make a sales pitch, an offer or a dignified invitation SUPER unfriendly and what you need to avoid...

And five things that you can integrate into your beliefs about money and selling, the way you offer your product, how you polarise your audience and when you just relax!

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