#122 Nobody Trusts You! Here's What To Do About It

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There's a BIG trust issue online at the moment...

In reality, EVERYONE has had some kind of negative experience online. 

Buying something that didn't work, having their privacy breached, being ripped off - and here's why this matters to you:

It affects their psychology as a CONSUMER. Ask me how I know - my trust was broken this week and I got ripped off by an online company...

And, like almost everyone else, it ruined my trust in all other online businesses I came across this week. 

So if everyone doesn't trust you when they first stumble across you, and they're inherently skeptical, what are you supposed to do?

Two words will solve your business's trust issues!

And if you haven't started doing these two things yet - you'll want a copy of my book Podcasting For Health Experts! You can download yourself a free copy here.

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