#120 A New Year HeadStart: 3 Skills & One Hour

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We've got 11% of the year left - which means we've got the choice to look at our calendar and think...

"Well, I'm almost done - I have worked pretty hard so let's rest up and get ready for 2019"...

Or we can remember that beautiful life philosophy "If it's to be, it's up to ME". 

So if you're one of the 'crazies' like me and you're obsessed with your goals, let's take one extra hour per day to work on the place where your business needs you the most...

1. Building an audience

2. Engaging and increasing your email database

3. Conversion and creating/selling products, offers or coaching. 

One of those three skills and disciplines of marketing will be the next big needle mover for your business - so are you willing to waste 11% of the year?

Or does an amazing 2019 start now for you?

Resources for Building An Audience:

#019 Getting Known Through Blogging, Podcasting & Videos

#022 Vince Delmonte: Build Your Health Business With YouTube

#024 Elliott Hulse: Influence Your Tribe

#058 with David Risley - Blogging 101

#060 Carly Rowena: Crushing Instagram & YouTube

#062 Joe Pulizzi - Content Marketing Masterclass

#084 Cher Hale - Reach New Markets w/ Podcast Guest Appearances

#097 Michael Ofer - Blogging In The Health Space

#116 Ann Handley: How To Write Good

Resources for Email Database Engagement:

#046 Scott Rawcliffe: FB Advertising Masterclass

#048 Kane Sivesind: Hosting Online Challenges

#093 Lori Kennedy - Using Community to Build Your Business

Resources for Conversion:

#030 Dr Lauren Noel: How To Acquire Clients From Your Podcast

#040 Pat Rigsby: Creating Online Courses & Programs

#052 Ryan Lee: Memberships & Continuity

#067 Funnels Masterclass Part 1

#086 Reuben Driedger: Social Media for Client Acquisition

#103 Shari Levitin: How To Make Lots Of Sales (From The Heart)

#112 Oren Klaff: Legendary Pitching

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i asked over a dozen successful online health business owners, marketing experts & business consultants if they'd share their BEST advice with you on how they'd suggest you build your following and grow your mailing list....

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