#119 Meg Clarke - SEO Basics (It Still Works!)

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Does SEO still work?

With the rise of Instagram & paid advertising, is this still a method that's worth your time to increase website traffic?

Meg Clarke of Clapping Dog Media joins me on the show to go deep into the fundamentals of SEO. 

We're covering:

- Why Meg, a web designer by trade, turned to SEO after building great sites but realising her customers weren’t getting any more traffic

- What the heck is SEO?

- And is this only relevant to Google, or do YouTubers and Podcasters need to know about this for their platforms too?

- What kind of ‘metrics’ matter to Google when it’s reviewing your website and determining if you should rank higher

- How to know if you’re doing SEO properly and the right stats to watch to manage your efforts properly

- Am I right for being a sceptic of SEO and a fan of advertising instead?

- How do we actually “do” SEO? Is it something that’s relevant to our content, or the home page of our website?

- How to know if what you’re currently ‘known for’ matches what your intentions are for your business and brand

- (and how catastrophically bad for your website’s presence on Google if you get this wrong)

- How to ethically “spy” on your competition to see what’s already being searched for in your niche

- (& three free tools that will help you do this)

- Getting inside the mind of people who are actually searching on Google and how to reverse-engineer their website experience to make sure that it’s seamless and easy for them to stay on you site

- How to set up very specific & precise landing pages for Google to send traffic to

Here's the example of one of these landing pages on Meg’s blog:

- Should you put a transcript of your YouTube video or podcast episode on your blog when you embed it in a post there?

- (And a tool that will allow you to do this for free)

- Can you get ‘penalised’ by Google for bad SEO management? And what could you do to prevent the SEO slap?

- Other search engines like Facebook, iTunes and YouTube: how to do SEO here

- The Facebook Pixel: how to leverage this asset to increase the power of your optimisation for search on all platforms


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