#118 November: The Month of Rebirth

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It's story day on the podcast! 

Let's go back to a November many, many moons ago when I was running my health business, and about to launch a big event...

And I was scared out of my mind because I knew I was about to have the absolute worst week ever. 

I share this story with you because at some point in your marketing career you're going to have a "Fail" - and it's how we think about ourselves, how well we maintain and preserve our confidence in those times...

That makes the difference between it making more sense for us to quit, or pushing forward and achieving our goals. 

Truth is, we're almost at the end of the year - and November, to me, is the month of Rebirth. 

So whether you've had a great year or a terrible one, in about six weeks there are going to be LOADS of people looking to buy a health course, training or coaching program that can help them achieve their 2019 goals. 

Will you be there and ready to meet them? Have you got a product made and ready to go yet?

If not you can grab a copy of my How To Create An Online Health Product training - I've put a special deal up on this page for you...

But it's only available for a couple of days!

So let's use November and December to build into 2019, because no matter how this year has treated you, you have a second chance. 

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