#117 Josh Jurkovich - High-Level Biz Strategery

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We talk a LOT on this show about tactics and operations...

The "How-To" stuff of running an online health business: email, social, branding, products etc. 

Not often do we get the chance to talk STRATEGY and dive deep into how you should think now - and in the next decade - about building your business. 

Josh Jurkovich of Vektor Strategies joins us today to cover some high-level strategic thinking of to be intentional about the way your business and brand will interact with your customers and audience. 

We're covering:

  • What does a Business Strategist think about when they look at your business and how to take it to the “Next Level”?
  • & what advice you’d get from Josh if you were brand new, or have been around for less than 12 months, when building your brand online
  • The skills of digital marketing: Which ones are most important to focus on in the early years of your business?
  • Long-Term Nurture Sequence: What does this look like, and why do we create one for our new email subscribers?
  • What the increased competition online means for your strategy in biz
  • CONVERSION before TRAFFIC? How quickly should you have a system for getting customers before you focus on building awareness of yourself?
  • Customer Journey: why it’s important to be intentional about how people interact with your brand – ESPECIALLY since most people aren’t ready to buy from you right now
  • Funnels: Why thinking about ‘bridging the gap’ with your audience’s mindset and the action you want them to take is crucial
  • The 3-Step Buying Process all your future customers need to ascend through
  • Reverse-Engineering Your Funnel: Why building things backwards and making sure that the next logical step is always in front of your audience is crucial to success
  • What are the characteristics of entrepreneurs who become much more successful after working with a coach – and what can you learn and use from that?
  • How to begin scaling a business once you start getting traction with your content and building an audience
  • Josh’s homework for you!

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