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One thing makes all your marketing much more effective:

How clearly you can communicate - and most of the time (think email, social media posts, landing pages, sales pages) we do it with the written word. 

So how do you learn to write good? How do you improve your ability to persuade and influence and inspire action with your words - even if you're not a blogger?

You learn from the best - and Ann Handley, Wall-Street Journal Best-Selling Author of Everybody Writes and partner at MarketingProfs - is one of the best. 

We're covering:

- Why and Where EVERYBODY writes – and why you need to improve this skill whether you’re a blogger or not

- Will the ability to create REALLY good content and produce excellent writing give you a competitive advantage online over the next 10 years of the evolution of the internet?

- Are people’s attention spans as short as we think they are – and what does this mean for your social media, email & content writing?

- Is the goal of writing to have your message stand out & be recognisable as ‘uniquely you’, or make your message easy to read & consume?

- Can you guess the #1 thing you need to do EVERY day to become a better writer?

- The biggest challenge you can overcome to improve the quality of your writing and captivate your audience’s attention better

- Why focussing on writing personally and in a 1:1 fashion makes your writing sound less ‘preachy’

- Email Marketing: Where writing is the make-or-break in your business in this area

- Dealing with “Writer’s Block”: How having a plan can help you deal with this…

- And how to manage your time when you’re in the process of writing for maximum output

- Specific Writing Tips: What should be on the “About” page of your website?

- Headlines: Do these *always* need to be boring and formulaic, or can you ‘sexy’ them up a little bit to reflect your personality?

- How we know when we’re really improving our skills with writing – specifically around a written marketing message like a sales page or email campaign

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