#115 Four (Plus One) Ways To Boost Awareness Of Your Content

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Is there anything worse than "Empty Room Syndrome"?

You know - when you create a KILLER piece of content but nobody watches, listens or reads it?

I agree - so let's talk content to end out the week: Specifically, how to increase awareness and consumption of your content. 

Obviously social media is our best tool to do this - but there are FOUR different steps and processes we need to follow (and a bonus one!) to maximise our content's chance of building your business. 

Let's figure out...

- What your "MONEY PLATFORM" on Social Media is going to be - and talk about what to do if you're a solopreneur or if you have a team supporting your social media content

- "EXTRACT THE MEAT"  & why your big piece of content should actually fuel multiple pieces of micro-goodness for social

- REPURPOSE ACROSS MEDIA MODALITY and how to reach new audiences - regardless of how they enjoy browsing through social media

- REPURPOSE ACROSS TIME and best-practices for broadcasting & distributing to the world about your new content

- A BONUS! There's a difference between "Marketing Hard" and "Marketing Smart" - and it's found between *guessing* and *hoping* a strategy or tactic will work...

And just scaling what you already KNOW is crushing it. 

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