#114 Stephanie Joanne - Enabling Entrepreneurs

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There are some things that separate successful entrepreneurs from the strugglers...

And every now and again on this show we hear from someone who just 'gets it' - and Stephanie Joanne is one of those people. 

Confidence, persistence, anticipating mistakes and let-downs (and deciding how you'll deal with them in advance), vision and purpose...

All those matter to your success, and Stephanie is here to enable your entrepreneurial pursuits, pull those characteristics out of you...

And share her own story to building a successful career as a a celebrity health & fitness coach, learning the skills of marketing & business and becoming an unstoppable entrepreneurial force.

We spoke about:

- How Stephanie built her career as a successful celebrity fitness trainer…

- And why reverse-engineering results led her to achieving the business goals the highest-performers in our wellness space are able to enjoy

- Decisiveness: Is this one of the most important traits for an entrepreneur?

- How anticipating mistakes and short-term setbacks in your career helps you progress faster

- “The Flip”: what happened when Stephanie turned her back on her growing career to follow her business dreams

- Is there ever a good time to going all-in on your online dreams?

- Your branding: why it’s crucial for you to feel good about how you are perceived online

- Entrepreneur Enabler: What this is and why it’s so important for you to have one

- Are there any times that Stephanie regrets working really hard, or giving it all she’s got?

- Trusting yourself to figure things out: Why this might be the one thing that allows you to build the skills to succeed in business…

- And where Stephanie would start “Figuring Things Out” if she was starting a business from scratch today

- Some top-shelf enabling & support for entrepreneurs who are struggling and striving now

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