#113 How To Be Your Own Boss

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How do you juggle your own personal needs for fitness, health & having some kind of normal life with your ambitions, dreams & goals?

How do you be your own BOSS, when you're also doing the 'work' like an employee?

It’s hard running a solo show. When you begin your own business with nobody to tell you what to do but yourself, right, when you’re the boss - when you’re responsible for whether you grow or not - when you’re the boss…

AND you’re responsible for the work - being the employee - writing the emails, building the website, creating the landing pages and content and products…

Damn, that’s confusing. Here's four big ideas on how to be your own boss (without burning yourself out or failing to reach your potential):

1. Get serious clarity on what your personal needs are

2. Don't let The Boss down (by being disengaged)

3. Do MORE than is expected of you

4. Give great learning feedback - not great judgement


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