#112 Oren Klaff - Legendary Pitching

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Will you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to pitch something - your product, service, business - face-to-face or to a live audience?

If so, you're gonna love my guest today, Oren Klaff. 

Author of Pitch Anything & a venture capitalist, Oren Klaff joins us for an in-depth look at the art of pitching & social dynamics.

We cover:

- Why some people are ‘social naturals’ and why we shouldn’t copy them to try and become naturally charismatic or a great speaker

- Why understanding the difference between how we make an offer and how it’s received is the key to getting attention

- Why NOVEL, VISUAL and FAST are three keys to getting your information across in any sales environment

- Is there actual chemistry in the brain that we can measure and use to develop attention?

- If your audience can GUESS what comes next in your sales pitch, their mind convinces them they don’t need to waste attention paying attention to it

- What you can learn about having a captivating message from Game of Thrones

- How the ‘Ted Talk Opening’ can put your audience at ease with hearing your sales message

- How to engineer the ‘frame’ that people see you through to position yourself as an expert authority

- Why having fun with your offer and developing social dynamics is the key to making lots of people happy for purchasing your product

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