#110 Lee Caraher - World-Class Communications (AKA Branding)

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Can we ever speak TOO MUCH about branding on this show?

I think not - because if people judge a book by it's cover, it makes a LOT of sense for you to think really deeply about the 'cover' in front of your online business. 

My guest today, Lee Caraher, is the founder of communications agency Double Forte, and a master at what she says is the role of good branding:

Knowing what to say, when, and who to say it to. 

We covered:

- What “PR” and communications actually is – and why it’s relevant to an online business

- Why this area of marketing should actually be easier for a smaller, newer business than one which has been operating successfully for many years

- The two words that define what ‘branding’ actually is – and should you begin by getting clarity on yourself, or clarity on your audience

- What it looks like when branding is done very well, and what it looks like when done poorly

- How branding and good business communication affects the consumer and customer – and what kind of relationship you want to generate when people discover your biz

- Simple messaging is best – but how much simplicity is ‘too much’ and how can we use that to make ourselves more trustworthy?

- Memories: Why this is one of Lee’s major goals with marketing and PR, and how to use them to generate deeper relationships with your audience

- The most common and worst marketing and branding mistakes Lee sees her clients making – and what you should be avoiding at all costs!

- Lee’s advice around social media, your website and email marketing – and how these all play together as part of a business strategy

- ASPIRATIONAL: Why your brand and communication needs to bring more of this with the way you interact with your audience!

- Lee’s homework for you!

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