#109 Are You Email Marketing? Try This (Part The Second)

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Is email marketing dead?

Maybe.... For people who don't know how to write emails properly!

In Part 2 of this series we're continuing on from last week to discuss four different email copywriting 'themes' that will increase your clicks, opens and engagement!

(Have you heard Part 1 yet? Catch up here!)

Writing creatively can be hard - but you can use these different tools or ideas for your subject lines...

They'll make for more compelling email copy, calls-to-action and keep your message fresh, engaging and interesting. 

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i asked over a dozen successful online health business owners, marketing experts & business consultants if they'd share their BEST advice with you on how they'd suggest you build your following and grow your mailing list....

And they were really helpful! Click below & I'll send you a copy of their answers in a PDF called "Ask The Experts: How To Build A List"

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