#107 George Bryant - Marketing, Or 2-Way Relationships?

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The Civilised Caveman Mr George Bryant has to be the ultimate success story of a health expert who started learning the ropes of marketing. 

Having built civilisedcaveman.com to a huge business with best-selling apps and books, George has entered the consulting space and worked with some pretty big companies...

Onnit, Titleist, Taylormade, Reebok, Men's Health, Women's Health...

All results-based companies who care about their sales and profit. 

George is the man they turn to when they need to increase those bottom-lines AND build stronger and deeper relationships with their audience. 

We're covering:

- The “Short Version” of how George built one of the most successful Paleo cooking websites in the world, writing best-selling books and creating a hugely popular app

- Why George allows himself to be vulnerable to be more relatable to his audience

- Is discipline or a big emotional “WHY” more important to your success?

- How George helps results-driven companies make MORE sales by focussing on the customer on the other side of the transaction

- How to shift your perspective on the way you communicate with your audience to create lifetime friendships and relationships, rather than needing to worry about the next sale…

- Classic Example: Cart Abandonment emails and how to consider your biz strategy from your customer’s point of view

- Why you should change the way you interact with people who DON’T buy from you (and why you should even reward them for that behaviour!)

- The “PSA” Formula that people need in order to make a decision to buy for your business

- Can you build a business that is platform-independent and DOESN’T need Facebook or Instagram or email marketing to run profitably?

- The REAL reason people buy from you…

- And how to train your customers to interact with your brand

- Amazon: Just a place for people to buy books and stuff, or the greatest market research tool of all time?

- How to navigate the changing space of Content Marketing – what is ACTUALLY working right now?

- (And how much of your content should be about STORIES, and how much content is ‘overload’ for your audience and adding to their problem?)

- George’s 7 Principles of Marketing

- George’s Homework for you!

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