#106: Hard Offers vs Soft Offers (Don’t Be Wimpy)

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Let’s talk about offers - specifically as it relates to the online business world.

Whether that offer is for someone to buy coaching, a product, a mastermind, get a Lead Magnet, register for an event - anything at all - what we don’t want to be is soft.

You’ve heard Shari and Colleen over the last two weeks dropping some emotional intelligence and heart-based selling truth bombs - those are the sales skills. Let’s talk about what you’re selling, because if you want to be soft with your approach to the pitch…

You do NOT want to be soft with what you’re offering- and this applies to any call-to-action that you place on the internet.

We’re talking about this kind of stuff because it’s important whether you are writing copy for a landing page, trying to get people to book a strategy call or whatever you want to name it, whether you’re doing email marketing and driving people to a sales page - whatever.

Let’s get into things! You need to be extremely clear and precise about:

- The middle of the sentence "If You Want ____, This Is Specifically For You"

- What you're actually SHOWING people

- Good copywriting formulas and methods

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