#105 Colleen Stanley – Sell With Emotional Intelligence

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If you're anything like me, it's not natural to 'do sales' stuff, talk about price and ASK for the deal.

We're emotional creatures who are wired to do fight or flight from any perceived threat - whether it's feeling uneasy about money stuff...

Uncertainty over exactly HOW to phrase your pitch...

Or dealing with the pressure of knowing that if you DON'T get customer or clients, the bills won't get paid...

And if we practice great Emotional Intelligence, we can move past all that, get the deal and make someone happy with what you know about health. 

Colleen Stanley of salesleadershipdevelopment.com and author of Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success joins us on the show. 

We're talking empathy for your audience, getting and keeping their attention, social connection...

And keeping your cool in the pressure-cooking of direct response sales. 

We cover:

- What the heck is Emotional Intelligence – and how does it actually help you as a business owner?

- How Colleen got exposed to the power of Emotional Intelligence

- Using Emotional Intelligence to make a more powerful and persuasive offer for your products & services

- The importance of being aware of how your language makes your audience FEEL

- Why a “Sale” is never just an exchange of money for goods or information – a sale is a SHORTCUT for your audience.

- Why using highly visual language allows you to fully capture your audience’s attention completely…

- (And one word that you can use to do this immediately)

Why empathy is your most important sales skills

- One easy tool you can use to massively increase your emotional intelligence and your mental health around selling and offering your services

- Why you can use the objections your audience already has concerns about to build trust

- Confidence & Conviction: Do you have to wait until you’re an online business veteran or can you build these quickly with more emotional intelligence?

- Colleen’s homework for you!

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