#104 Three Truth Bombs To Bust Your Fear Of Sales

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Freaked out by "Selling?"

Totally fine and normal. Everyone has been led astray and had a bad experience because of some idiot over-promising and under-delivering to us. 

BUT what's not ok is allowing negative beliefs from those past experiences to impact the level of service you can bring to the world by making sales of your OWN products...

(Which obviously are not cheap, nasty or over-priced). 

If your perception around asking for money and 'selling stuff' is that it's bad...

Let me share MY perception with you and it’s my hope that you’ll agree with the conclusions I have about money and sales more than the ones that might be holding you back:

1. You Ain't Going To Sell Nothing To Anybody. 

2. You'll NEVER Be Able To "Take Advantage" Of Your Customers

3. It's Impossible to "Swindle" People Online With Money-Back Guarantees

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