#102 Five Things That Successful People Never Say

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I think there are certain thoughts, beliefs and perspectives that show up as "Negative Language Patterns" that can hold us back in our pursuit of a successful business. 

I think REALLY successful people have groomed their mind to be tuned for positivity and progress - and that you can hear that in the way they speak. 

Successful people NEVER give themselves reasons to lose belief, hope or give away their personal power when they talk.

Here are 5 things you might be able to recognise and be mindful of when you speak about your business:

1. I'm NOT Good At That (So I'll Stop)

2. It's Hard For Me To Do That (So It Must Not Be Right)

3. Easier Said Than Done (So I'll Put My Focus Elsewhere)

4. I've Already Tried That, And It Didn't Work (So I Won't Try Again)

5. I'm Trying To... (But I'm Not Clear Or Faithful In It)

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