#101 Richard Chapo – Stuff You NEED To Know To Run A Legit Biz

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Can there be anything more sexy than some hardcore legal talk?

Maybe so - but keeping your business legit, compliant and making sure that the privacy rights of your customers and subscribers are met...

AND protecting yourself from potentially damaging legal issues or not being informed fully about the 'right' way to market an online business...

Could be a killer to your growth. Could anything hurt more than building a successful business, making lots of money and making your customers happy...

And then finding out that you've missed something important with your legal stuff, and having to refund everyone and admit to wrongdoing?

I think not. Join me and Richard Chapo from socalinternetlawyer.com as we discuss:

  • Exactly HOW MUCH should you be concerned by the legal side of running an online business, and how much focus should you dedicate to remaining ‘above-board’?
  • You’re DEFINITELY breaking the law in at least some countries of the world – so what the heck are you supposed to do about it? Do you worry about every single breach that you could be making to every law?
  • How to balance the need to make great promises with your marketing against disclaimers & disclosure
  • Why you can be totally upfront and honest about the limitations of your products or services to both build your legal compliance AND goodwill and trust in your market
  • Privacy Policies: What’s the point and why is your policy something you need to really read through closely? Which parts of it are the most important?
  • What you need to know about GDPR and protecting the privacy of your EU website visitors
  • Why it’s an absolute no-no to collect health information about your email subscribers – what that looks like and how to avoid it
  • Terms of Service: Why this matters MOST for your customers, how to make it legally binding, and…
  • A very special clause called “Mandatory Arbitration” and how it can save you legal headaches…
  • And why Class-Action Waivers could be the difference between you getting sued (if you do something really wrong) or not
  • What you REALLY need to know if you’re selling monthly recurring billing subscriptions that might save you from needing to refund 100% of a customer’s investment in you
  • What Richard has seen is the major differentiator between successful entrepreneurs and those who run businesses that fail

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