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What's the difference between how you share content in a blog post vs a YouTube channel or podcast, or how you would normally write?

Quite a lot, it turns out - which is DOUBLY true when it comes to health blogging!

Michal Ofer of the Food Freedom Blog joins us on the show today to talk about the specifics of how to write a really, REALLY good blog post. We covered:

  • Do you need to be a natural writer to build a successful blog?
  • Why a blog (or a podcast or YouTube channel) is not a BUSINESS – it’s like the shop window for a business…
  • And can you start with just the “Shop Window” and build the rest out later?
  • How to identify the “Theme & Centre” of your blog (and why you can use different perspectives other than the traditional Avatar Marketing method)
  • The R&D method to model what is already working right now in your niche and for your target audience with topics, content and information that’s grabbing their attention
  • A few classic examples of blogs that are super-targeted, super-successful and demonstrate “Best Practices” for blogging in the health space
  • Why it’s ok for you to write in the way that is most natural to you – sciency, funny, casual or story-based (and why you’ll be able to build a solid audience no matter what style you choose!)
  • Different ways to structure a blog post to increase reader consumption, and why you’re supposed to write for a blog differently to the way you might write in other areas
  • How a written blog post should actually look – and why you can throw high school English out the window and write in a way that is easier to access
  • The absolute maximum length for a sentence in a blog post
  • How to “Finish” a blog post – is a longer summary or a short snappy outro better for you…
  • And why a shorter intro is ALWAYS better, and why you should edit with scissors here!
  • Micro-blogging on Instagram: Yay or boo?
  • The worst advice you might hear about hosting a successful blog
  • The types of content that work best on blogs (which might be a total flop as a podcast or video)
  • Michal’s blog checklist to help you write better posts…
  • And some homework for you, with a creative twist!

Want Michal's Blog Post Checklist? Get it here!

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