#095 Jon Goodman - Mindset Of A Successful Online Coach

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There are two sides to being a successful online business owner:

Mastering your skills, and having the right mindset and perspective - because what you know and how you think as a 1:1 expert is not the same as what you'll need to know and think to hit your goals online. 

Jon Goodman, founder of the Personal Trainer Development Centre, joins us on the show this week to talk about those perspectives and beliefs...

Not just from what he's observed in his students and trainers, but along his own journey to building The PTDC to what it is today. 

We spoke about:

- The moment when Jon realised the 1:1 game isn’t a long-term life plan (and why it’s ok if you’ve had the same realisation and want more for your life)

- Why SPEED OF IMPLEMENTATION is the key to your long-term success (not time spent researching, preparing and getting yourself ‘ready’)

- Treading the line between the strategies of “Beginning With The End In Mind” and “I’ll Figure This Out As I Go Along”

- Why it’s important to REPEATEDLY be in front of people who *are not ready to buy from you right now* with very, very good content

- What freedom REALLY is (and why you already have enough of it to work hard on your business right now)

- Why we’re about to go into a Golden Age for online wellness and fitness experts (and proof that there is not too much competition or saturation in your marketplace)

- What you need to know about the “Current State of Awareness” of potential customers interested in getting help with their health and wellness goals

- What makes “The Difference” for Jon’s most successful students and customers building online fitness businesses

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