#094 Do You Need A “USP”?

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As a health expert whose business is built on information you are NOT a smartphone, or a car company, or website software. 

People aren't "Shopping Around" to compare you to your competitors - so do you need a Unique Selling Proposition?

I say no, you don't - and here's why:

When people decide that the time is NOW for them to buy information like health coaching or a product, they'll go to the lowest-hanging-fruit  - which will be from one of two places:

1. The "Front-Of-Mind" Expert who they already know and trust

2. Local (think googling "Nutritionist In *name of their suburb*")

So what matters MORE to your marketing than a USP?

Well, you've got to get - and give - clarity on the PROBLEM that is standing between your audience and their goal. 

You've got to know the SECRET SAUCE that makes success possible - and why it's different to what they expect...

And you need to know how to clearly communicate LIFE AFTER you've done your job to help them...

Using the SIX most important words in marketing. 

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