#093 Lori Kennedy – Using Community For Building Your Business

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Are you a natural-born leader? Comfortable being the "Face" of your business?

If not, it's all good - because your business is NOT about you, it's about your audience...

And what they need is a community of people just like them, facing the same struggles and obstacles, to know that they're not alone. 

How do you build that community? Lori Kennedy of The Wellness Business Hub joins us for a masterclass in this area...

(And you should DEFINITELY join her community - the Take Your Health Practice Online Facebook Group). 

We spoke about:

- Lori’s definition of what “Community” really means – and why people want to be a part of it

- Why we should think about Community as ‘a new social circle’ rather than group of like-minded people with a common health challenge or goal

- Should you use your Community as a platform for people to share stories with each other, or is it all about YOU?

- Other places you can use to build Community other than Facebook Groups

- The significance of giving thought to naming your Community and why the name is like a “Value Proposition Offer”

- The reason why Lori’s content for her Community is different from the form of content she produces for Instagram – and how to find what will work best for your biz

- How to encourage new subscribers to your Community to engage and participate, rather than just watch from the sidelines

- Should you be ‘Pitching’ and making offers for your products or services inside your Community?

- When Community gives your sales message & offers more social proof, and allows your happy customers to evangelise what you have to offer

- How to respond to “Client Questions” from your community in order to avoid coaching people for free all day long!

- Why you should be very deliberate and intentional with the type of messaging and values you share with your audience

- The power of creating your own language within your Community – and how this helps build culture

- A very REAL demonstration of what a Community means – not from the perspective of “The Leader” but from someone whose life has actually been changed by being a part of a Community

- Lori’s homework for you!

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