#090 Dr Sean Young – How To (Actually) Help Your Audience Change Behaviour

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Here's an important question: Imagine that it's five years from now. Business is BOOMING for you. 

Sales are through the roof - you've got lots of customers, and life is good. 

How successful would you consider yourself if all the customers and clients who purchased your programs, coaching, services and stuff didn't get ANY results?

If you're anything like me, you'd probably feel pretty hollow.

Making money means nothing if you don't make change.  

So the question must be asked: HOW do we create content online that helps our audience actually make changes to their behaviour and habits?

HOW do we deliver our product or coaching in a way that actually gets people the result they're after?

Good news if you actually are about this stuff as well as the 'making money' side of things: Dr Sean Young has your back. 

An AMAZINGLY smart behavioural psychologist - and author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller "Stick With It" - he's got a two-step framework to help teach your audience how to change. 

*ONLY* two steps?

Yep. Sometimes a complex topic like behavioural psychology and the brain comes down to some really simple stuff. 

We're talking about:

- The very personal story about where Sean learnt that helping others change their behaviours and habits – especially around health – is one of the most important skills we can learn

- The THREE different types of “Behaviours & Habits”that we try to change for ourselves and for our customers – and why we need a different approach and process for each of them…

- The 7 Forcesthat help us ‘Uphold’ good – or bad – habits and behaviours…

- And how we can leverage them – depending on the behaviour we’re looking to modify – to change the way our customers ‘do health’ for better

- Why the simplest fundamental idea of psychology needs these 7 Forces to be fully applicable to coaching and leading others to get better results for their wellness

- STEPLADDERS:Why you must teach your audience to start with small steps… But how small is small?

- GOALS:The radical new approach that Dr Young has to setting goals, milestones and short-term achievements to fulfilling our dreams

- What Sean learnt about Stepladders by watching how Linkin Park were building their band to being one of the most successful in the world

- Leveraging IMPORTANCEand why it’s important to make a clear link between what people need to DO, and what MATTERS to them

- NEUROHACKS:Why conventional wisdom that says “Behaviour change begins in the mind” is dead wrong – and how to elicit lasting change with action and reflection…

- And why it’s important for people to recognise the reward and feel better IMMEDIATELY after doing the action you’re going to coach them through

Also... I simply CANNOT recommend highly enough that you get Dr Sean's book (on Amazon, or anywhere else where life-changing books are read).

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