#088 Yuri Elkaim – What 12 Years Online Has Taught Me

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How much faster do you think you'd find success for yourself if you already had 12 years experience of running an online business?

Yuri Elkaim - founder of the Healthpreneur Group and original online wellness thought leader - joins us on the show today to share that level of wisdom with us.

Regardless of how much coaching you get, you're going to make a LOT of mistakes, have your share of "Dammit!" moments and find struggle as you build any type of business...

So let's cut as much of that out as possible by examining the journey Yuri has been on to build his health business...

What he got WRONG at the start, what he did really WELL, the RIGHT strategies he followed...

& the ONE THING that would have allowed him to reach the goals he's hitting NOW - twelve years after starting his business...

Way back in 2010. 

We spoke about:

- What inspired Yuri to quit his 1:1 training business to start sharing his message online…

- Where he got the idea for his very first product…

- And the thing he got CLARITY on that meant he was running a “Real” business, rather than just a hobby (this is the MOST important thing he tells his clients and customers)

- The importance of “Delusional Optimism” when building a business

- The $35,000 mistake that Yuri made to learn that you MUST follow the advice of an expert – not let the “Idea Fairy” direct your strategy

- The importance of Positioning and using Content Marketing to establish yourself as a trustworthy expert authority

- Deliberate Practice and how Yuri learnt this art form from Soccer – and how to leverage it to build your skills (and which one is the most important to practice right now)

- An in-depth look at the OFFER you must make to initiate a conversation with a potential client or patient

- Why we sometimes have more mental hang-ups with Freedom than we do with Money – and some clarity around why you’re allowed to have more of this thing we all deserve

- The advice Yuri would give himself 12 years ago when he was first starting in the world of online health business (that would’ve seen him get the same level of results 8 years faster)

- Yuri’s homework for you!

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