#087 Get More Clients by Having More Conversations

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If you're interested in getting 1:1 clients or patients for your businesses over the internet...

You've gotta get GOOD at initiating conversations with interested prospects who believe that you might be able to help them achieve their goals. 

Every single one of these 'feeling-out' discussions is like a lottery ticket - it might bring you a loyal and faithful client who gives you referrals for years to come. 

It's not devaluing yourself, it's not a waste of time and in fact it's NECESSARY for your prospect to experience in order to be able to commit to your 1:1 guidance, coaching, treatment, advice or service. 

How do you do that - and protect yourself ? Well, let's run through a six-step formula to reaching out to interested prospects and initiating the conversation with them!

1. Offer to help for FREE

2. Explain the BENEFITS

3. Give an honest and real reason WHY

4. RESPECT your audience's natural (and totally fair) scepticism 

5. PROTECT your time by singling out only your best prospects

6. GIVE the call-to-action if it's right for them!

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