#086 Reuben Driedger – Social Media for Client Acquisition

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How do you 'bridge the gap' from being a content publisher on Instagram to getting new clients for your business?

What's working right now on social media to bring engaged & excited prospects to you?

Reuben Driedger, biz coach and former online fitness coach who built his client base from Instagram, joins us to talk about how to leverage Instagram & social media. 

We're covering:

- Reuben’s “Traditional Job” to “Successful Online Health Coach” journey, and how he shifted his mindset to ABUNDANCE rather than scarcity

- The ONE PIVOT in how Reuben was offering his services that led him to building a real business with an income he could comfortably live off

- How to get your mind RIGHT around the ‘money’ side of doing High-Ticket Coaching…

- And why Reuben believes that 1:1 coaching is the “Lowest Hanging Fruit” for a health entrepreneur building an online business

- The importance of being mindful about the ENERGY you bring to your content on social media (and in videos, blogs & podcasts)

- What you should be doing EVERY single time you open a social media app

- What’s changed on the Instagram platform recently…

- And the main thing that people are looking for when they’re scrolling through their feed (& how to give it to them)

- Reuben’s game-plan or ‘method’ for creating engaging content on Instagram

- How to initiate conversations with potential clients over Instagram

- (And why you don’t need a website to bring in new people to your biz)

- Reuben’s 3-Step Process to building your business without using advertising on Facebook

- Homework for you around your approach to social media publishing and interacting with your audience

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