#084 Vince Delmonte Case Study: Building A 7-Figure Biz

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This is the first time we've had the chance to hear from someone who has a decade of experience in the online wellness space talking about building a 'new business'. 

Vince Delmonte, who made his name on YouTube as a muscle and fitness expert, has expanded his business - and is sharing what he's doing to make his new products, content and message successful. 

Some HUGE takeaways from this case-study into how to build a new 7-Figure Business...

Pay real attention to the clarity Vince has when he's talking about what he does FOR his audience, and what life is going to be like for them AFTER they do what he teaches. 

Pay real attention to our conversation about self-belief, fear and anxiety. 

Some huge truth bombs in this episode - including:

- What drove Vince to take the risk to try and expand his already successful business by focussing even more deeply into his niche – and why that works

- Vince’s thoughts around money mindset and the two personal traits you must build to attract more wealth into your life

- How Vince has dealt with haters and kickback on his new business (this is a KILLER reframe for when you experience negativity from others)

- How to close big sales on Instagram and what’s working right now on that platform

- The importance of being coachable and taking action on advice you receive from trusted authorities

- Why being comfortable is a gift from the devil – and what Napoleon Hill taught us about pushing the boundaries decades ago

- The fear of failure and why it’s important to our growth – and how Vince has leveraged this to help his podcast growth

- What Vince knows after a decade of online business that has helped him build his new business far faster than his original fitness channel

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