#083 Significance or Customer-Based Marketing?

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Last week I heard some distressing news about what's being 'officially' taught to upcoming entrepreneurs at some organisations and learning centres...

And I'm concerned, because it was all what I call "Significance-Based Marketing" - which puts people off and makes it hard for anyone to like or trust you. 

A wellness or fitness expert using their wisdom and knowledge as the foundation for business should lead with CLIENT-BASED MARKETING...

Where the focus is not on the expert, why you're so great or "USP" stuff at all. 

The truth is that when you 'do' marketing, you're speaking to people who initially don't really care at all about you - they're interested in their problem and what they can do about it. 

When you make THAT the centre of your business and message - like we'll talk about on today's episode...

It's far more pleasant and easy for people to start to build a relationship with your brand and listen when you speak to them. 

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