#082 Cher Hale - Reach New Markets w/ Podcast Guest Appearances

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You can't do "Online Business" by yourself - it takes more time and effort than it's worth to build something significant all alone. 

Guest-appearing on other people's podcasts is a fantastic way to increase your reach and put yourself in front of highly engaged audiences...

Cher Hale - PR expert and someone who pitches podcast guests all the time - knows more about this topic than most. 

Cher shows you how to prepare as a guest for a podcast, how to reach out to the host, and how to drive traffic and engaged listeners to your brand so they can become YOUR followers too!

We spoke about:

- Why guest-appearing on other people’s podcast helps you expand your reach with HIGHLY engaged members of your target audience (and the stats that back it up!)

- What the future of PR and marketing looks like – and where your audience is sending their attention – now that ‘old media’ like TV and radio is dying…

- And what the entrepreneur can expect NEXT with the world of social media

- Cher’s 3 keys to become a trusted expert authority in today’s digital world

- What you should be using from your face-to-face, 1:1 business (if you have one) to build credibility as you take your message online

- What a GOOD podcast guest sounds like (and how to be one)

- Should you research and prepare as much to be a GUEST on a podcast episode as you should to be a HOST?

- How to find good shows that will be a good ‘match’ for you to appear on and spread your message to new audiences…

- And what you SHOULDN’T say when you pitch yourself to a podcast host (that will really annoy them)

- How to reframe a “NO” to podcast pitches when you inevitably get one (and why you need to prevent yourself from being emotionally affected by that)

- A solid Post-Podcast routine to follow once you’ve appeared as a guest on someone else’s show

- How to give yourself “The Plug” at the end of a guest interview – without annoying everyone or dragging things on for too long!

- Cher’s Homework for you!

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