#081 Make Better Blogs, Vids & Pods w/ The Content Audit Part 2

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Content marketing can either be boring, dull and unexciting - or it can engage, interest, inspire and give your audience more CONFIDENCE and COMPETENCE. 

(Have you heard Part 1 of this series? You can listen here!)

But how do you know if the work you've done is actually any good? How do you know if what you're about to create is on the 'boring' or 'engaging' end of the spectrum? 

You use the 12-Step Content Audit method I'm outlining in this mini-series! 

Today we're diving deep into CONSUMABILITY of your content and how easy it is for people to watch/read/listen to it...

(Yes, I know consumability isn't a word - but I bet you knew exactly what I meant when I used it)

The GOAL of an individual piece of content marketing - and how to increase your overall blog, podcast or YouTube consumption with cross-linking...

And how to close out a piece of content marketing in a way that gets people to engage and interact with you. 

Give yourself a score out of '5' for each of these whenever you're making content, or seeking to improve what you're already doing!

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