#080 Adria Decorte - Get More Clients By Getting More Clarity

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What does your answer sound like when people ask "Hey, what do you do?"

How much do you think you're able to do JUSTICE to the value you can deliver to the world through your products, programs or services when you're explaining them to your audience?

Being succinct and accurate here is everything - something Message & Clarity Coach Adria Decorte learnt years ago when she hosted her first in-person live event...

And ended up walking away with ZERO clients, even though one of her guests got TEN. 

You really CAN get more clients, make more sales and build your business faster if you spend a little bit of time thinking about how to better structure your message. 

  • What to do if you’re a multi-talented, multi-passionate expert who is able to help lots of different people
  • How Adria’s first marketing event – where she got exactly zero new clients - taught her an important business lesson (and what she did wrong)
  • How to shape your personal brand so you’re ultra-effective at communicating the value that you’ll bring to your clients, customers and audience
  • When you should HOLD BACK from the great advice of ‘putting yourself out there’ if you haven’t got confidence in the message behind what you should do
  • The difference between clarity of NICHE and clarity of AUDIENCE – and some very important questions to consider to upgrade the level of understanding and empathy you can have with them
  • The importance of STORY as a means to increase the perceive value in what you do for your audience and…
  • Where to start with “Your Story” if you don’t yet know exactly what yours is!
  • Why it’s so important to take a real stance with your beliefs, values and opinion around what YOU think is the ‘right’ way to achieve health results
  • How to get clarity on your OFFERINGS and communicate clearly what your product or service does, ad doing justice to the value it holds
  • Adria’s Homework for you!

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