#079 Make Better Blogs, Vids & Pods w/ The Content Audit Part 1

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Content marketing can either be boring, dull and unexciting - or it can engage, interest, inspire and give your audience more CONFIDENCE and COMPETENCE. 

But how do you know if the work you've done is actually any good? How do you know if what you're about to create is on the 'boring' or 'engaging' end of the spectrum? 

You use the 12-Step Content Audit method I'm outlining in this mini-series! 

Today we're diving deep into the HEADLINE, the SECOND HEADLINE, and the INTRO to your content...

Give yourself a score out of '5' for each of these whenever you're making content, or seeking to improve what you're already doing!

Resources mentioned in today's episode:

Ep16: Master Your Topic & Find Your Core

Ep 20: Rachel Guy - Build Your Business Around The People You Serve

Ep 22: Vince Delmonte - Build Your Health Business with Youtube

Ep 27: 4 Things You MUST Know About Your Audience

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