#076 Don’t Sell ‘From Your Heels’ (8 Steps To A Dignified Invitation)

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Marketing icon John Carlton coined the term 'Selling From Your Heels' to refer to those times when you're talking about your product, offerings or service...

And you just don't sound like you're convincing anyone of anything - either because of a lack of belief or because you don't know what you're doing...

And it sucks - for the consumer of that marketing message, and for the person who has worked hard to create something of value but doesn't know how to communicate that. 

Grab a pen, let's discuss what the OPPOSITE of 'Selling From Your Heels' is...

(And why you STILL don't ever need to worry about pressure, hype, or aggressively pushing people to buy from you)

And a simple 8-Step Formula you can use to describe your products to your audience and inspire them to take action. 

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