#075 GDPR: What To Know, What To Do & What To Stop Doing

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Hooray! The GDPR is here - and we're all better off for it, I say. 


I'm not a lawyer - I don't like lawyers, I'm a little scared of them and I haven't read the document in question for today's episode. 

BUT I do like not getting into trouble, so today's episode is a recap of what I've learnt and what I'm doing in order to stay compliant with the GDPR and hopefully not get yelled at by anyone important. 


What the heck does the GDPR mean for an online business in 2018 and beyond?

Well, it's all about PERSONAL DATA and PROCESSING of that data...

And, as far as I can tell, there are a few things that can be done in order to allow an informed choice to be made by someone who gives their data to process.

There are some instances where lawful grounds or legitimate interest are present in contacting a person online through email marketing or through some other channel...

And there are some things - like processing personal data or using a VA - that are definitely "Must Be Careful" zones. 

Don't forget to check out the VA Handbook's guide to GDPR and their interview with Annabel Kaye hereif you use a VA...

And you should definitely head on over to Suzanne Dibble's FB Group here. 

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