#074 Top Biz Takeaways - THINKING, Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman

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What can we learn about marketing from the world of psychology, decision-making and mental processing?

HEAPS! This week I've been reading Nobel Prize winning author Daniel Kahneman's book THINKING, Fast & Slow - and man is there some gold in there for marketers!

We're discussing:

- How people's brains operate when they're "scanning" through social media, YouTube, or your blog...

- And how to grab their fast-thinking brains attention to bring more traffic and engagement to your content

- COGNITIVE STRAIN and how to present your message to your audience. It's easy to overload people's ideas when your communication is cluttered...

- And how giving space between IDEAS and CALLS TO ACTION will increase your conversion

- Why you should feel really, really good if you're finding the job of learning about marketing and executing on strategies to grow your business. It means your slow-thinking brain is learning!

- Performance Prompts for your audience, and how to teach them to have BETTER habits by training them to use their fast-thinking brain to adopt new habits, behaviours and routines

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