#072 Funnels Masterclass pt 4 - Testing & Tweaking


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You've likely heard the term "Funnels" before - but how much do you know about them?

Do you believe that they're like some 'marketing holy grail' that allows you to make six figures a year without doing any work at all?

Are you curious about what they do, how they work and where you're supposed to get started?

(Have you heard Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3of this Masterclass yet?)

For the final part of our discussion on funnels we're going to be talking about TESTING and TWEAKING...

More specifically, what to do if you've created a system or funnel for familiarising new subscribers to your brand, making sales or any other "Direct Response"...

And it's not working as well as you want it to, or you want it to improve. 

Really, it only comes down to improving three things: Conversion, Email Opens and Email Clicks. 

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