#070 Dr Michelle Nielsen - Manifesting In Biz Explained

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What do you know about how to manifest your goals in business?

There's so much more to it than wishing and making a vision board - and Dr Michelle Nielsen joins me on the show today to share some of the ten steps to her manifesting method. 

You really CAN remove emotional blockages, free up your mind to allow it to focus on the WORK that achieves goals, have trust and faith in the process and realise extremely specific missions, visions and goals. 

We're talking:

- Where Michelle learnt the 10 steps to manifesting, setting goals and doing the work that makes those goals become reality

- How manifesting differs from the typical ‘send a wish out to the universe and it will be delivered’ stereotypes

- When it’s ok to look at other people ahead of you on your business journey with envy and awe of their talents – and the mindset that will allow you to achieve the same results that they do

- Why extreme specificity, clarity and a concise vision statement matters to your success in achieving goals

- How setting your intention towards achieving a goal or vision primes your body to do the work, demonstrate the courage and find the discipline to achieve it.

- When to ignore your emotions and how to build emotional intelligence so you can navigate the path to a successful business with grace and calmness

- Dealing with negative and limiting beliefs – and how meditation can help you reprogram your subconscious mind

- How to reset the way you manage your life so your mind is able to run it, rather than allowing your life to run your mind, so you’re able to rapidly get into ‘work’ mode to achieve your goals

- Persistence in the face of adversity, challenge and frustration: How to deal with the inevitable tests you’ll face on your path to success

- Michelle’s homework for you!

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