#068 Cyndi O'Meara - How I Built Changing Habits

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What's the secret behind the success of one of Australia's most popular and loved online health experts?

Cyndi O'Meara of Changing Habits joins me on the show today to talk about how she built her business...

And, most importantly, about how to develop into the type of person who EARNS and DESERVES that success, popularity and abundance. 

We covered:

- The amazing story of how Cyndi went from an anthropology student at the University of Colorado to building the multi-million dollar company Changing Habits

- How early exposure to Personal Development icons taught Cyndi to think bigger with her business

- What Cyndi wants you to know about sticking to your guns & honouring your values around healthcare & what you know and believe about wellness

- When passion & love for your craft, and a deep desire to see your mission come to fruition will get you through the tough times

- How to be polarising, stand up for your truth and tell it like it is – even when you encounter haters and people who don’t respect your knowledge

- The three keys Cyndi relies on heavily to be more influential with her audience and make sure that her message is acted upon

- Cyndi's homework for you today (it's fresh stuff and almost definitely not what you're expecting!)

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