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FOCUS is something that matters to the entrepreneur not just because it helps get things DONE...

But because it speeds up how quickly you can achieve. 

Joanna Jast, Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Laser Sharp Focus, joins me this week on the show to discuss engagement, focus, productivity and performance. 

No matter what your goals are, your ability to focus on the task at hand improves EVERYTHING: Confidence, discipline, endurance, courage. 

We're talking about:

- The two major problems that interrupt the ability of ALL of us to focus – and how to overcome them so you can get things done FASTER

- What you can learn from keeping a Focus Journal (and what you should record in there) – and how this tool can radically change your ability to get things done

- How to deal with doing ‘work’ that DOESN’T give you a sense of flow, or that you don’t enjoy – and why the power of EMOTION gets you through those challenging parts of your journey

- The significance of self-awareness and finding out which strategies for better focus will work for you

- You’re never going to be particularly productive if you’re naturally a little bit lazy, right? WRONG!

- When motivation DOESN’T matter in maintaining good focus habits – and why your “Work Environment” is infinitely more important

- How to set up your workplace – and how to preserve the integrity and sacredness of that space to increase your ability to focus

- “Flow” and “The Zone” – how to get in this space, and how to protect your ability to maintain this so you don’t burn out or lose motivation

- Dealing with anxiety & a sense of overwhelm when it begins to distract you from your desired level of focus or productivity

- Break-time and giving yourself a rest by disengaging – how often you should do this (and why breaking your focus is important for your long-term success)

- Joanna’s Homework for you!

You can get a copy of Joanna's Laser Sharp Focus Quick Action guide here!

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