#065 Top Biz Takeaways: YES - Secrets From The Science of Persuasion

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INFLUENCE and PERSUASION are two highly important skills for a wellness expert to possess.

They're not just about positioning yourself as an expert, or having more people buy your products or offerings...

They're just as much about leading your audience to improve their habits, lifestyles and behaviours around their health. 

In this episode I'm sharing three Top Biz Takeaways from the book YES! Secrets From The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini et al. 

We're talking about:

- Testimonials - when to use them, why they're so important and which type are going to have the greatest impact on your audience

- REVERSE Social Proof and how to avoid 'normalising' negative behaviour or habits for your audience (you might be doing this a LOT more than you think), and...

- Something that I call the Identity Implant and how to create more consistent change, habits and behaviour within your audience's lives so you can lead them to better health

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