#064 Reed Davis - Professional Development (& FB Live Case Study)

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What's the BEST way to juggle learning about different fields, skills and topics?

Why is the motivation to actually study, focus, sit your butt down and Get Stuff Done the 'greatest trick of all' professional development?

Reed Davis, founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, is BACK on the Business of Health podcast to talk about all things professional development...

Like how to 'weaponise' your calendar, self-manage at a higher level and achieve balance in your personal and professional endeavours. 

PLUS, Reed & the team at FDN have been doing a LOT of Facebook Live broadcasts lately, so we'll dive into their strategy, what they've learnt and what YOU can take away from their lesson so far!

We spoke about: 

- What Reed’s study routine looks like, and how he absorbs so much information and wisdom

- The importance of having a mission or purpose – and how that directs WHAT you study

- How to approach learning about things that you don’t enjoy studying, and that don’t bring you into ‘flow’

- Balance between developing your professional abilities to serve your clients, customers & patients at a higher level – and learning business and marketing skills

- The power of the calendar as a weapon for productivity, performance and development

- The books that Reed recommends you get to improve your ability to self-manage and get things done

- 3 things that motivate all of us to take action and level-up our game (and which one matters the most)

- A really in-depth case study into Functional Diagnostic Nutrition’s new Facebook Live strategy, including:

- The metrics that Reed and the FDN team are using to track how successful their content is – and how that’s different to the approach a more traditional marketer might take

- Why you should focus on one topic per broadcast, and how to prep to speak live to an audience

- Why it’s important to figure out how to have fun doing a Live broadcast (and how this helps you stick to it and be more consistent!)

- How to become more influential by teaching others how to think – and allowing them to view your approach and mindset towards tackling health problems

Get your copy of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition's D.R.E.S.S For Health Success guide here!

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